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Mooring Lines

Kapa Marine Ropes, 12 & 24 strands

This rope series is considered the most successful mooring rope in the world! A very soft, flexible and easy to handle construction that offers safety on board.

The concept of developing this line was to produce a product made of excellent yarns, with only advantages towards all other mooring ropes; to produce a much safer and stronger product made of raw materials of the highest specifications. A big advantage of Kapa Ropes is that they enable the crew to make perfect splices in zero time. The Kapa Ropes are available in 3 qualities: Nylon (Polyamide) – Polyester – Flex.


Kapa braid on braid

A very soft and flexible double braid construction which combines high stretch and shock absorbing characteristics. The double braid construction consists of a load-sharing core and an anti-abrasion braided cover. Kapa Double braid mooring ropes are made of the highest quality raw materials and are available in 2 basic qualities: Nylon and Polyester.

Advantages of Kapa construction
• Non rotating, torque free
• Superior abrasion resistance
• No kicking-no hockling
• Excellent grip
• Longer service life (estimated 1:2,25)
• Very flexible and soft (wet or dry)
• Greater bearing surface
• Easy, comfortable handling
• Easy-spliced construction
• Ideal for auto winches
Technical characteristics of Kapa Ropes
Nylon (Polyamide)
• Sinking rope
• High safety
• Longer service life
• UV resistant
• Reduced friction
• High breaking load
• High melting point
• 100% noise free
• High elongation
• High stretch
• High strength to weight ratio
• Working elongation: 10 – 14%
• Melting point: 260 0C
• Specific gravity: 1.14
• Water absorption: about 4%
Sinking rope – low stretch – UV resistant – excellent fatigue life
Technical characteristics
• High strength to weight ratio
• Working elongation: 8 – 10%
• Melting point: 260 0C
• Specific gravity: 1.40
• Water absorption: about 4%
Composite rope made of high tenacity polyester and olefin fibers – semi floating contruction – UV resistant
• High strength to weight ratio
• Working elongation: 8 – 10%
• Melting point: 220 0C
• Specific gravity: 0.99 – 1.00
• Water absorption: 0 %
Colours available: any colour – custom made lines also available