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Kapa Marine Ropes, 12 & 24 Strands

The KAPA Series is considered the most successful mooring rope in the world

Kapa Marine Ropes, 12 & 24 Strands. This rope series is considered the most successful mooring rope in the world! A very soft, flexible and easy to handle construction that offers safety on board. They are noiseless and offer comfortable mooring conditions. The concept of developing this line was to manufacture a product made of excellent yarns, with only advantages compared to all other mooring ropes; to produce a much safer and stronger product from raw materials of highest specifications. A big advantage of Kapa Ropes is that they enable the crew to make perfect splices in zero time. The Kapa Ropes are available in 3 qualities: Nylon (Polyamide) – Polyester – Flex.

Kapa braid on braid. A very soft and flexible braid construction which combines high stretch and shock absorbing characteristics. The double braid construction consists of a load-sharing core and an anti-abrasion braided cover. Kapa Double Braid mooring ropes are made of highest quality raw materials and are available in 2 basic qualities: Nylon and Polyester.

Offshore mooring. Kapa Marine Ropes 12 & 24 strand line is also available in floating series. This line is extremely light yet very strong. Ideal rope for offshore mooring and towing. Available in 3 qualities: Ocenic F – Pelagos (PP-PE) – Polysteel.

  • Yachting – Sailing

• High safety
• Flexible construction wet or dry – new or old
• Longer service life
• Ideal for auto winches and drums
• Protection towards UV rays
• New easy-spliced construction
• Reduced friction
• Floating and sinkable versions
• Shorter elongation
• Noise-free
• Higher breaking load
• Excellent look
• Cylindrical construction
• Superb handling
• Friendly handling