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Custom made solutions

KAPA MARINE ROPES – 24 strands
The perfect mooring

Advantages of Kapa construction
• High Safety
• Longer Service Life
• Protection towards UV rays
• Reduced Friction
• Shorter elongation
• Higher Breaking Load
• Cylindrical construction
• Friendly handling
• Flexible construction, wet or dry – new or old
• Ideal for auto winches and drums
• New easy-spliced construction
• Floating and sinkable versions
• Noise-free
• Good looking
• Superb handling


KAPA MARINE ROPES – 12 strands


Kapa Custom – made Line makes the difference

The Kapa Rope Series is designed to satisfy every taste you may have.

You can choose the ideal rope for you from a big variety of colours or even from a personal combination of colours to perfectly match your boat.
We can also offer you matching ropes for mooring, long lines, fenders and tenders. These fancy lines complete the custom-made ropes for your yacht and only!

Ropes for tenders – fenders and toys
The fancy lines that complete the custom made line for a yacht!
Twisted, braided, flat lines in different colours.