Kapa Neema Plus and Kapa Neema Plus Racing

12-strand braid of Dyneema SK 75. Core of Polyester yarns with various colour signals. The core can be of 24 or 32 strands depending on the rope size.

• Material: DYNEEMA® (name of DSM-HMPE fiber)
and high density Polyester (fibers)
• Melting Point: 265°C / 150°C
• Specific gravity*: 0.99 to 1.36
• Elongation at break: 4-5%
• Water absorption: 1-23% (±) depending on jackets mass
• UV resistance: Very good because of the jacket
• Weight: 1/6 approximately of same diameter wire rope
• Construction: Load bearing cores with
a polyester protective cover that ensures
uniformity while in use
• Treatment: For marine applications
• Abrasion resistance: Excellent
• Chemical resistance: Good
• Strength: The same wet or dry
• Core: Various depending on application
• Mooring lines (to be used with nylon mooring tails) • Towing rope primary and secondary
• Anchor lines • Off shore applications • Tug lines • Industrial fishing • Fish farms

Kapa Neema Plus Racing consists of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and a robust polyester jacket that ensures stability and uniformity while in use.
It is a low stretch construction, pre-stretched and heat-treated, ideal for halyards and sheets. Perfect rope for auto-winches.

• Extremely low stretch characteristics of less than 1,5%.
• Very durable construction
• Very high BL in smallest diameter and lowest weight
• Winch stability
• Non kinking, non hockling
• Non rotating, torque free
• UV stabilised perfectly
• Several colours are available for good identification

Construction: 12 strand dyneema with robust polyester jacket
Diameters: 6 mm up to 44 mm

Special Tip: in case the jacket is heavily used or even destroyed,
it can be removed and replaced.