Kapa Neema and Kapa Neema Racing

Kapa neema is one of our company’s latest developments of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibre braided rope (HMPE). It has the strongest tensile strength per weight, stronger than the same diameter wire rope. It has gone through special heat treatment process and UV resistance treatment, it has an extremely low coefficient of friction, high creep rate, it lasts longer, reduces operation costs and it is easier and safer to handle in comparison to wire ropes.

• Material: DYNEEMA® (registered trade mark of DSM – HMPE fibre)
• Melting Point: 150°C
• Specific gravity: 0.97 (floats)
• Elongation at break: 4-5% (similar to wire rope)
• Water absorption: 0-none at all
• UV resistance: Good
• Construction: 1/8 approx. of respective diameter wire rope
• Treatment: For marine applications
• Abrasion resistance: Excellent
• Chemical resistance: Excellent
• Strength: The same wet or dry
• Anchor lines • Mooring lines (to be used with Nylon tails) • Halyards • Lifting Slings
• Cascade lines • Control lines

A very strong pre-stretched rope made of 100% Dyneema fibers impregnated with Kapa Coating for extremely well protection against abrasion & wear and UV stability. The 12-strand construction enables the crew to make, fix or re-adjust splices in a few seconds only. An ideal rope for halyards.

• Extremely low stretch characteristics of less than 1%
• Very durable construction
• Perfect grip in cleats and stoppers
• Perfect abrasion resistance
• Floating line
• Easy to splice
• Very high BL in smallest diameter and lowest weight
• Several colours are available for good identification

Special Tip: in hard areas (like stoppers) it is recommended to place a robust jacket to protect the rope and thus, secure prolonged service-life of the line

Construction: 12 strand dyneema coated
Diameters: 6 mm up to 44 mm