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Very strong ropes for special purposes a floating wire rope alternative

Kapaneema is one of our company’s developments of UHMWPE fiber (dyneema SK-75, SK-76, SK-78, DM 20, etc.). It has the strongest tensile strength per weight, stronger than of the same diameter conventional wire ropes. It undergoes through special heat treatment process and UV resistance treatment, has an extremely low coefficient of friction, lasts longer, reduces operational costs and is easier and safer to handle in comparison to wire ropes. These ropes are produced and tested in accordance with ISO 10325, ISO 2307 and ISO 9554.

  • Shipping
  • Offshore
  • Yachting – Sailing

• Lifting slings and nets
• Anchor lines
• Mooring lines (to be used with nylon tails)
• Pipe pull lines
• Oceanographic cables
• Pick up lines / messenger lines
• Seismic lines
• Industrial fishing
• Fish farms
• Wind farms