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Kapa Mooring Ropes

A rope construction invented by D.Koronakis S.A.

The ultimate round rope construction easily spliced.

Ropes recommended in OCIMF guidelines to serve on OBO’S – OOC’S, TSH’S –ULCC’S and GC’S in a most effective way.

In these ropes polyester is combined with high density polyolefin to construct the “Kapa float – Kapa flex and Kapa strong”, depending on the polyester percentage (25%-40% and 50%).

All three constructions have the same features, more or less, apart from the specific gravity that is different depending on the amount of polyester it contains – 0.99 for the Kapa Float, 1.10 for the Kapa Flex, 1.14 for the Kapa Strong. These ropes are produced and tested in accordance with ISO 2307 and ISO 9554.

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