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Wire ropes

D. KORONAKIS S.A. is one of the leading companies worldwide in the production of wire ropes

• All types and constructions: Galvanized, Bright, Normal or non rotating wire ropes.
• To be used in: Fishing, Machinery – Cranes, Industry, Mining, Shipping.

Wire ropes need to be treated with a lot of attention during their storage, as well as during their installation. The right way of treating a wire rope will prolong the time of its active life/use. In opposite cases, if any part of the surface of the wire rope is damaged, it may not be discovered until much later and that will affect its working time life! Steel wire ropes should be stored in a clean, cool, dry place indoors. They must not be allowed to rest on the floor, but to be placed on pallets, if possible.

When installing steel wire ropes, extra care must be taken that the ropes are unwound from the ring or reel without torsions and without any outer damage. Under no circumstances must the rope be pulled off a coil while it is laying on the ground or looped over the head of the reel.

• SWR must be serviced regularly. The kind and the way of maintenance depends on the lifting device, its use and the selected wire rope.
• A Considerable protection is givento the wire rope by intensive lubrication during its production. However, this lubrication only lasts for a limited time and should be repeated periodically.
• The chosen lubricant must be in accordance with the recommendation of the wire rope manufacturer.

Wire Ropes without lubrication serve selected purposes such as works on marble, wood etc. where the grease stains the products. The life of such ropes is a lot shorter.


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