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Wire, Rope, Chain, Fiber

When a single leg sling is used to lift a weight in a U or V shape instead of a straight line, the capacity of the sling must automatically be considered the same and equal to the capacity of the correspondent block. Our wire rope slings are produced and tested according with E.N.-13414-1 with pressed ferrules eyes (d.) or hand spliced eyes (e.)


Our Polyester lifting slings can come as single ply (SP), double ply (DP) or four ply (FP) with the safety factor of 7:1 in all cases. They are manufactured according to EN 1492 – 1. These flat slings can be shown also as endless Polyester slings and cargo lashing slings.

Another category are the side stitch round slings that can be produced up to 30 meters effective length with a capacity up to 100 tons. Upon ordering any type of sling one must define the end fittings, the length of the short path in cargo lashing and the type of ratchet needed. Any combination is available.

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