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KapaNeema Plus

Very strong ropes for special purposes a floating wire rope alternative

Kapaneema Plus consists of a UHMWPE braided core (dyneema SK-75, SK-76, SK-78, DM 20, etc). In addition to all advantages of the Kapaneema ropes, the load bearing core(s) is fully protected by an extra strong braided jacket that can be from high tenacity colored anti-abrasive yarns. It can be also from other different fibers upon customer’s request. This provides very high abrasion resistance, extra protection to high temperatures and 100% protection of the core from UV radiation. Also, it protects the core from sand and salt penetration.

The main advantage over non-jacketed ropes is that the Kapaneema Plus rope maintains its shape (cylindrical) while under load.

These ropes are produced and tested in accordance with ISO 10325, ISO 2307 and ISO 9554.

  • Shipping
  • Offshore
  • Yachting – Sailing

• Mooring lines (to be used with nylon tails)
• Tug lines
• Towing rope primary and secondary
• Industrial fishing
• Anchor lines
• Fish farms
• Off shore applications
• Sailing