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Kapa Nylon & Kapa Polyester Plus

The production and testing of these ropes is according to the latest european norms

These ropes have been designed to give solution when space is valuable.
They have a robust jacket that protects the ropes from wear and abrasion while their core can be of parallel strands or of 8, 12 or 24-strand rope, thus ensuring a high tenacity/diam. rope performance.

KapaNylon Plus consists of one load bearing core or more load bearing cores (sub ropes), covered (protected) by a non-load bearing jacket. The material that the core(s) is made of is High Tenacity Nylon 6 or Nylon 6.6. The construction of the core can be 12 strands, 24 strand or 8 strands. The material of the protective jacket differs, depending on the usage and the needs of the customer. Typically, it is made of the same material that the core is made (Nylon) of, but it can also be from high tenacity polyester, high tenacity mixed polyester/polyolefin or high tenacity polyolefin yarn.

The production and testing of these ropes is according to the latest European norms i.e. ISO 9554:2010, ISO 2307:2010

Kapa Polyester Plus consists of high tenacity continuous multifilament yarns, heat and light resistant industrial grade polyester. The construction is one or more braided, load bearing cores, covered by a strong and thick polyester jacket that protects the load bearing cores against abrasion, UV radiation, sand, dust and metallic particles.

The excellent performance of polyester multifilament against UV and abrasion increases further due to the robust and circular shape of Kapa ropes. These ropes have extremely high breaking loads/diam. and guarantee best performance when used as main rope to mooring winches.

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