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Kapa Mooring Ropes 12 and 24 strand (twill)

The ropes that have stormed the market and have made a name for themselves “kapa”

Designed by our company, this new rope was invented to combine the advantages of 8 – Strand and Double Braided ropes. Safe and easily spliced, KAPA is a well accepted construction that very quickly dominated the marine world.

The Kapa Nylon, the Kapa Polyester and the Kapa Pelagos is a category of ropes designed with the user in mind, the crew member that makes the splices and above all the increased safety factor. With minimum elongation, the snap bock danger zone is decreased significantly.

These ropes have dominated the market, having established a name for themselves, “Kapa”. More and more companies prefer them over the old 8-strand ones.
A wide variety of raw materials and colors ensure that the end user can select the most appropriate construction to meet his exact mooring expectations

  • Shipping
  • Offshore
  • Fishing – Aquaculture

• Non rotating, torque free, hangs straight under load
• Longer service life (estimated lifetime 1:2, 25)
• Superior abrasion resistance
• Stay flexible, wet or dry, new or old
• Non kicking, non hockling
• Greater bearing surface
• Excellent grip
• Comfortable handling