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Kapa Korona Plus

Tailor made for extremely demanding applications

Kapa Korona – A peak performance wire rope alternative.
Carefully selected top fibers adequatelly combined result in a low creep high performance wire rope alternative.
The expected operational life time of KAPA KORONA ropes is over 20,000 hours when operating in mooring conditions, and is incomparably longer than any other known rope construction.
These ropes are tailor-made for extremely demanding applications such as deep shaft mines, lifting and crane mooring.

Kapa Korona Plus is a high performance mooring rope consisting of a specialized pararamid braided load bearing core that has extremely good performance in hard and especially high temperature conditions. This load bearing core(s) is fully protected by an extra strong braided jacket that can be from high tenacity anti-abrasive yarns.

These ropes have been engineered for high temperature applications and have very good creep resistance characteristics. Another advantage is that the rope, after a long period of use, can be repaired at a relatively low cost within our facilities.

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