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Double braided ropes

The two ropes perform as a single intergraded extremely strong member and the outer layer shields the rope entirely from abrasion

In this combination, both elements, core and jacket, must be almost equal to each other in weight, about 50%-50%.
The aberration can only limit to a 45%-55% analogy in any case.
The linear density corresponds to the net mass per length of the rope expressed in grams/meter or kilograms/thousand meters. The linear density is measured under tension as specified in EN 2307.

There are other material combinations that can be used such as polypropylene, polyester, oceanic, nylon, etc. Apart from what is shown on the table across, any other raw material combination can be manufactured upon our customers’ request.

These ropes are produced and tested in accordance with ISO 9554, ISO 2307, 14684 and EN 14685.

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