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Casar Special Wire Ropes

Casar Wire Ropes improve performance and assure long term durability

We are sole representative of Casar special wire ropes in Greece. Casar wire ropes are considered to be the highest quality wire ropes existing suitable for all types of cranes.

For every type of crane there is a special Casar wire rope constructed. A few constructions, the most widely used ones, are shown on the next page. We recommend that the client refers to the company’s publication “which wire rope for my crane” or asks us for further instructions. Most recent Casar constructions are made from compacted strands which are fully lubricated and layered with plastic between the steel core and the outer strands. The excellent quality of the material, the special design and the structural stability of Casar wire ropes improve performance and assure long term durability.

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Typical Casar constructions