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Ajax – Ajax Float

Mooring ropes 6 – Strand

Ajax Rope is a twisted synthetic fiber rope formed by 100% Polyamide monofilament fibers combined with polyamide multifilament, forming the wellknown robust construction.
It has a greater tendency to elongate than steel ropes and therefore is less susceptible to breakage from shock tension strain.

Also, compared to steel wire ropes, it requires much less maintenance and is considerably lighter and easier to handle, facilitating rapid mooring. This rope has excellent resistance to abrasion and will become more flexible and easier to handle with extensive use. It comes in floating version named Ajax Float.

• High strength ropes
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Excellent fatigue characteristics
• High elongation
(Elongation when new: 26%)
• Specific gravity: 1.14 (non floating)
• Excellent UV resistance
• Melting point: 250 C
• High strength ropes
• Specific gravity: 0.99 (floating)
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Very good UV resistance
• Excellent fatigue characteristics
• Melting point: 245/170oC
• High Elongation (Elongation when new: 21%)
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