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8 Strand Plaited Ropes

The 8 strand constructions are plaited ropes made to eliminate the tendency twisted ropes have to rotate under weight / load.

They are produced on machines containing 8 carriers in groups of 2 “twills”, revolving around each other in pairs to form the 8 strand plaited construction.
The 8 strand rope, developed after the World War II, is still widely used even today in a broad range of applications. Depending on the use and on the experience of the user, many man made materials and even combinations of them are used in this construction.

The materials normally used and treated during manufacturing are the same as in the 3 – strand ropes and as far as WLL is concerned, it is the same, for the same diameter ropes.
These ropes are produced and tested in accordance with ISO 2307, ISO 9554, ISO 1141 and ISO 1140.

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