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8 Strand Mixed Material Ropes

Ropes that meet in full the ocimf guidelines

D. Koronakis S.A. has been producing mixed fiber ropes for more than 35 years. In recent years, OCIMF has included these ropes in the latest version of mooring guidelines.
Mixed ropes are preferred by end users as they are strong and flexible at the same time. The polyester surface fibers protect adequately the olefin fibers which in turn provide flexibility to
the rope construction. These ropes are produced and tested in accordance with ISO 2307 and ISO 9554.

FLOAT 8: 25% polyester and 75% high density olefin per weight construction is used with the polyester covering 100% of the rope’s surface, yet constructing a floating rope.

FLEX 8: 40% polyester and 60% high density olefin fiber per weight construction is used. The ropes’ surface is totally covered by – thick polyester jacket ensuring increased abrasion and temperature resistance (Non floating).

STRONG 8: 50% polyester and 50% high density olefin fibers per weight construction. The rope, having all the qualities of the Flex construction, is really made to prove its name.

OCEANIC 8: The latest development of our factory is the mixed material 8 strand ropes, with 30% of the surface fibers being polyester and 70% high density olefins. This combination guarantees floatation and high breaking loads.

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