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New logistics facilities – D. Koronakis SA

D. Koronakis Sa has proceeded with a new investment of 2.000.000 euros for logistics facilities in Piraeus in a strategic location owned by the company next to the main offices and warehouse near the port of Piraeus.

This extension is adding working capacity of 2.200 square meters for handling and storage of finished and semi-finished products.

The company is focused intently on green energy practices therefore, with regards to the building, particular attention was paid to the utilization of technologies of high energy efficiency.

The new logistics and loading unloading premises are equipped with special ramps that allow easier and quicker operations of trucks and drivers and ensure safer processed during loading.

In December 2019 the new logistics premises started their activity up.

Trucks can now go directly to this venue 21 Dervenakion street to experience a reliable and fast response service from Koronakis’ experienced personnel during operating hours Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00.