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Focused on green energy

D.KORONAKIS SA is focused intently on green energy as it considers it crucial for the industry’s sustainability. A new innovative environmental project between D.KORONAKIS SA and MYTILINEOS GROUP is already in place and being further developed.

We are very proud for the green energy upgrade of D.KORONAKIS site infrastructure in Thiva, i.e. its electrification by two photovoltaic sites (of 1 MWp total capacity).

For the time being, 3.378 photovoltaic panels have been installed and have covered a roof area of 5.600 m2. The execution of the project and park electrification were completed in less than 40 days.

As such, 20% of the total energy of the D.KORONAKIS SA plant is currently covered by solar power with zero environmental footprint and an annual energy saving of 1,3 GWh .

D.KORONAKIS SA continues to support its environmental practices by expanding the photovoltaic site through a net metering process and doubling the capacity of the photovoltaic system in the next two months.

We believe that green energy and commitment to environmental issues will have a major effect on our industry and the environment.